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Bookmark Printing



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  • Unique stocks and finishing options
  • Options for square corners or rounded corners
  • Optional hole drilling
  • Free shipping and Free File Check
  • Get your Paper Bookmarks in 6-10 days


Amplify your marketing messages with cost-effective and extremely useful leave-behinds! Inkable’s Paper Bookmarks are printed on high quality and durable card stock. Stunning colours position these items as substantial and valuable, increasing brand recall, performing well for any custom project, business purpose, or promotional event.
These are great kinetic promotional materials, perfect for useful COUPONS FOR EVENTS, SAVE-THE-DATE NOTICES, BRANDED PRODUCT LAUNCH SOUVENIERS, TIMETABLES FOR MARKETING MEETINGS, HOLIDAYS, CHARITIES, FUNDRAISERS, or as a THANK YOU GIFT to cap off your goodie bag to liven up your event! We offer a variety of Paper Bookmark options suitable for every small business need.


    • 250gsm Coated
    • 250gsm Matte cello
    • 250gsm Gloss cello
    • 250gsm Matte with Spot UV 1 side
    • 250gsm Silk
    • 250gsm Silk with Spot UV 1 side



160 x 40mm with square edges or die cut rounded corners.
CUSTOM SIZES AND CUSTOM SHAPES: These are not available through our online system. For specific die cuts, perforations, hole punching, and unusual sizes, please use our Custom Order Form.


Printed Paper Bookmarks are excellent out-of-home promotional items. Inexpensive and highly functional, they will most certainly be used from time to time because of their basic applications in the home or office, reminding prospects about your brand and highlighting your contact details and small business offerings and services while in use.
Paper Bookmarks may look like simple placeholders, but they are seen in a meaningful way, which make them printed pieces that can work as corporate giveaways or two-in-one coupons (add a perforated edge) and calendars (print on one side). Get your Paper Bookmarks to work long-term for you to help support your small business’ product or services promotions with these tips:
WHAT TO INCLUDE. While these are promotional items, Paper Bookmarks are always seen in a positive place because of the functionality they bring to any occasion. Remember to maximise the repeated exposure of your brand by ensuring all the important details are included on your printed bookmarks and that these are strategically placed so that your prospective customers will remember you every time they use it.

      • Logo
      • Name of business/person
      • Tagline or call to action
      • Contact details (phone and email)
      • Address (website or physical office)
      • Coupon – clear and concise offer
      • Save the date – info about registration, if any
      • Calendar – clean layout that is easy to follow


COLOUR AND DESIGN: With so much competition, stand out and make your brand’s proposition and character evident in your paper bookmarks’ design and content:

      • If you have a vision but can’t do it on your own, hire a professional designer with good references and make sure to direct him or her to keep the design simple and impactful and include all the necessary “working” design parts.


      • While unique fonts are great, don’t give the users of your bookmarks a hard time. Pick something that is legible so all texts can easily be read.


      • Make sure the design of your bookmarks follow the design of your branded marketing materials as closely as possible to aid in brand recall.


      • With offset printed bookmarks, a colour shift of 10% is very common. This will be most apparent on artwork with solid color backgrounds. This includes the use of your official CMYK logo and brand fonts. Printing can sometimes make colours darker or lighter, so speak to your designer about this.


Once you get your Paper Bookmarks, make distribution more efficient:

      • Hand out bookmarks two at a time if you are sure you are positioned in a place where there is a high volume of prospective customers so people can recommend you easily to friends or business associates.


      • Attach a bookmark to purchases by first-time customers if you are looking to do a loyalty campaign.


    • Add your bookmarks to your marketing kit or goodie bag as giveaways at events, meetings, trade expos, or conferences.