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  • Employ a stunning and simple alternative to printed-on packaging
  • Print a total quantity of custom labels with multiple designs for a low fee
  • With optional white ink under printing for opaque prints
  • Free layout, free proofing and free shipping
  • Printed on the latest offset and digital presses resulting in true gradients
  • Custom sizing without incurring die cut fees (up to 338 AUD in value)

Custom Clear Labels


  • Competitive pricing for standard shape custom clear labels and custom die cut clear labels
  • No setup costs : print your label in any size you want without expensive die cut fees
  • Vibrant colour reproduction, with excellent clear label adhesion on smooth surfaces
  • Free manual inspection, Inkable Australia Prepress Report, and revisions of your custom clear label artwork
  • Additional foil stamping and embossing available. Please contact us for a custom quote
  • Hard proofs available upon request
  • Get your custom clear labels in 6-8 days (includes Production, QC, FedEx shipping)



Create remarkable, professional clear labels that blend seamlessly onto packaging.
Printed on an HP Indigo digital press, your labels will have the visual premium of true gradients, inks that don’t run, and vibrant colours.


  • Cheaper alternative to die cut labels (“cookie cutter shapes”) with the clear unprinted background–plus better registration!
  • Order a total quantity of labels with multiple designs for only a small fee.
  • Get labels in the exact size you need, without excessive die cut fees. Die cut fees will only apply to non-standard shapes.
  • Free proofing and free layout on all your custom label orders!


With Inkable Australia, you can print any size that you require within our sizing guidelines (1”x 1” up to 12” x 18”) and enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective clear label printing, with no additional setup fees.

Our standard shapes are :
Custom Clear Labels
* FOR SQUARE AND RECTANGLE CLEAR LABELS, corners can either be straight or rounded, depending on your custom clear label needs.



Unlike opaque base label materials such as paper, clear labels are transparent because its base is PVC plastic—this really presents some print considerations if you are using this label material for the first time. If you have been printing paper labels or foil labels, some adjustment with your artwork must be done to ensure you get the correct prints with your new custom clear labels.

If you are printing on transparent labels, you are probably looking to achieve a “ no label” look, with the areas without any printing “disappearing” into the surface where you would apply the clear labels.

Printing as is on a transparent base will result to lighter, less saturated prints. Make use of this versatile label material and add flexibility to your custom clear labels by using white ink to increase its range of applications while enhancing image quality.

To remedy light prints, white ink can be used in two ways :

  • HIGHLIGHTS/SELECTIVELY USING WHITE INK PRINTING: Place a layer of white ink underneath specific art elements to increase brightness for certain text or images;
  • FLOOD/WHITE INK PRINTING UNDERNEATH THE WHOLE ARTWORK: Best for images and graphics that are solid pieces (no clear spaces in between), place a white flood underneath the whole area to be printed. This is to simulate the opaque white substrate for more vibrant colours.

To be able to achieve this, talk to your designer and specify that a new artboard needs to be created. This new artboard must indicate all the areas where white ink should be (under)printed, with solid shapes set in 100K (100% Black colour). Label this artboard “ White Ink”. If you need help setting this up, CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.

This is available on standard orders. Please choose this option when selecting your label spec above.


Add more depth, polished detail, and lustrous elegance to your custom clear labels with foil stamping. This special process uses pressure to transfer metallic foil onto the surface of your clear label stock.

Choose to highlight specific parts of your label artwork, or foil the entire label to get an overall metallic sheen for a high end look. Just make sure the lines aren’t too thin as anything under 1pt can’t be foiled cleanly.

NOTE : Foil stamping is different from our gold and silver foil labels. Foil stamping does not utilize metallic-looking inks, rather it uses an extremely thin foil sheet and printing plates to create the metallic imprints.

To be able to achieve this, talk to your designer and specify that a new artboard needs to be created. This new artboard must indicate all the areas where foiling should be done, with solid shapes set in 100K (100% Black colour). Label this artboard “ Foil”. If you need help setting this up, CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.

This is a special label embellishment. Please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.


Add custom decorative touches for a two-dimensional, premium custom label. A metal die and high pressure are used to create impressions on your label, for depth, texture, and tactile beauty.

For a more involved creative concept, embossing as a final touch increases a custom label’s visual premium for prime labels that outshine competition.

Use embossing for crisp lettering or prominent logos to highlight important visual elements. Just make sure the lines aren’t too thin as anything under 1pt can’t be embossed cleanly.

NOTE : Embossing can be done WITHOUT INK—this is called “ Blind Embossing”. This is most commonly done when creating a textured look to the whole label, such as applying patterns and camouflaged borders.

To be able to achieve this, talk to your designer and specify that a new artboard needs to be created. This new artboard must indicate all the areas where embossed effect would be, with solid shapes set in 100K (100% Black colour). Label this artboard “ Emboss”. If you need help setting this up, CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.

This is a special label embellishment. Please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.


Inkable Australia’s custom clear labels are versatile and professional self-adhesive labels that enable a wide range of aesthetic presentations, most notably the “ no label” look. Our cut and finished custom clear labels boast of a smooth and professional-looking finish. All clear label sizes are made-to-measure, at no extra cost.


Stock : premium clear cast PVC (vinyl) stock label material
Colour : clear, transparent base, supports full-colour prints
Texture : smooth and slick finish
Print and Finish Quality : Best quality printing with HP Indigo digital press
– Add matte laminate/coating for softer colours and less contrast
– Add gloss laminate/coating to enhance vibrancy of printed colours
– Add transparent rainbow laminate for a stunning visual premium, “moving” glossy colour gradients that dance across the label when viewed at different angles
White ink : No white base coat or underprinting on artwork (prints will appear lighter, colours less saturated)
Allows writing with pencil or pen : No, only permanent markers will mark on label surface
Format : sheet or roll labels
Backing : peelable liner
Indoor Use : yes
Outdoor Use : Waterproof however not recommended for prolonged UV exposure over 6 months

Customization : rounded corners, standard square corners, or custom radius corners available, free of charge. Special shape die cuts available at a nominal fee.


These are not available through our online system. For die cuts (custom shapes) or bulk orders, please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.

When you print your custom clear labels with us, you enjoy a truly comprehensive service that saves you hundreds of dollars… And we haven’t even gotten into print cost yet!

If you’re a business that needs that extra edge with the very best labels for your products, you’ve come to the right shop.


We do our best to give you as much savings as we can because as a small business ourselves, we know stretching budgets can be tough. Whenever you place a standard order with us, you don’t need to worry about the added shipping cost—NO RUNNING AFTER A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO BE SPENT, NO SURPRISE FEES, ALWAYS SHIPS FREE TO YOUR DOORSTEP.


A professional and effective label starts with design and layout. When you print with us, you enjoy painless custom label preproduction with your complimentary print consultation and advice, supplemented with complete manual artwork inspection and free revisions of file errors. Our free Prepress Report ensures that your file is the most correct version it can possibly be before we print, to confirm there are no costly errors on the press. WE CAN EVEN DO YOUR CUSTOM LABEL LAYOUT FREE OF CHARGE-JUST SEND US YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND ART ELEMENTS (TEXT, LOGOS, IMAGES) AND WE’LL GIVE YOU THE PUSH THAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED.
* does not include the creation of branding elements such as logos, taglines, official colour scheme


Beyond the fine technical points in digital printing, we get into the nitty-gritty of your label printing projects. We respect and welcome your need to discuss before deciding on the appropriate label product that will help you produce the results that you are after. LET’S TALK—NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE.


Choice, value-for-money custom labels mean you get more results without cutting corners, because we know how vital they are in establishing your brand. A label that is 100% custom fits your container perfectly without needing to sacrifice size and orientation just to fit a printer’s specifications. ANY SIZE YOU NEED, WE CAN DO IT, WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE CUSTOM SETUP COSTS.
* Applicable to standard shapes. For custom shapes, please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.

THE INKABLE ADVANTAGE : We don’t charge extra for anything that we feel is essential in creating your custom labels, and we rebate any cost that is flexible coming from our production setup strengths. We’ve studied our pricing and service offerings so that we can apply competitive prices to maximize your budget for a greater ROI.


How to Maximize Use of Your Custom Clear Labels

Inkable’s custom clear labels are in high demand due to the “ no label” look you get once this type of labels are applied on products as prime labels. Due to its transparency, these can also be used as professional label blurbs on promotional items without interrupting the prime label too much, blending seamlessly into the background.

AN IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE is that with regular print runs, inks will be lighter and colors are less saturated because this label stock is transparent.

USE WHITE INK SELECTIVELY underneath parts of your actual prints to make important text and other design elements on your label pop. White ink supports prints by providing an opaque base so that anything printed over it will have looked like it was printed on solid paper or plastic, instead of transparent material.

FLOOD THE WHOLE AREA UNDERNEATH WITH WHITE INK for solid logos and images to ensure that your printed-right-on-the-bottle look achieves better contrast and brighter, more saturated colors, as it were on an opaque material.

LEAVE OTHER AREAS CLEAN OF WHITE INK to make them appear more washed out, as in using a watermark effect. We don’t really suggest this, unless you absolutely know the effect you are going for. Prints without white ink underprinting can lead to unpredictably faint or faded-looking prints. If you’d like to pull off a creative concept, we suggest that you test this first by doing a HARD PROOF to see if it was indeed the aesthetic effect that you were going for.

TIP : If you are looking to place these labels on transparent packaging, protect your labels and give them a true seamless “ no label” look by getting your product labels done in reverse prints, and then affix them on the inside of pastry box windows, or clear plastic packaging. Your customers can appreciate your clear labels and run their hands on a smooth surface, while your actual clear labels are safe and won’t snag on anything outside.


Please save your custom clear label artwork as layered .PDF files so that our Prepress Team can properly check and report any issues to you. We can certainly work with .TIFF, .EPS, .PSD, and .AI files as well, but kindly make sure that you go through our FILE PREPARATION CHECKLIST below:

  • Proofread everything for typos and grammatical errors. To keep the integrity of your files, we do not check text.
  • Set all your images, objects, and the file’s colour mode to CMYK for digital printing.
  • Add a 3mm bleed to all sides.
  • All raster images recommended 350dpi
  • Minimum line thickness .57pt or 0.2mm
  • We print clear labels to any size. Please double check artwork dimensions before sending to save on proofing time.
  • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  • Outline all fonts.
  • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings.