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We know that printing is not an easy and standardized process. Yes, we know it can be daunting! Rest assured that when you print with Inkable, your concerns always come first.

Our Production, Prepress, and Customer Service Departments are always on hand to guide you patiently and determinedly throughout the whole process—from free personal consultations about your custom print jobs, to checking your package in the post—so that you are always 100% satisfied with your experience.


Is it possible to check my colours with a preproduction hard proof?

Yes, this is available for some custom quote products. Please contact [email protected] and we’ll make sure one of our representatives will provide you with details and the costs involved.

How can I resupply my artwork?

Send it to [email protected], and don’t forget to add your job number in the email subject line.

Can I see a proof?

Sure you can! We’ll be happy to send it over. Just email your request to [email protected] and reference your order number, and we’ll send you a soft PDF proof as soon as possible.


Do these prices include customs duty or gst?

No, they don’t. However, if your order amounts to less than $1000, it will not be subject to GST, customs duty, or clearance charges. Orders over $1,000 may be subject to a formal customs declaration and GST.

In the unlikely event that your order requires customs declaration we are happy to assist in everystep of the way. We use Aus-Express Customs as they will assist you in customs clearance. Our prices cover the Aus-Express fee and the government clearance fee; however, you will be responsible for GST, and any related duty (typically free or under 5% for most printing products).

Do you retain credit card information?

We take our online payment security very seriously, and for this reason we will never store credit card information on our servers.

All online payments are made through PayPal merchant services. What this means is that we never see your personal details, or your card details at all. The only information we see is whether or not the payment has been approved or declined.

What are the different ways I can pay you?

Visa, Mastercard, Bank Card, through PayPal (You do not even need a PayPal account) PayPal Prepaid, through bank wire transfer



We do offer free shipping on all orders, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF FedEx ODAs (Out-of-Delivery-Areas), which will incur minimal fees. Whenever possible we do ship for free, unless your Postal Code is under ODA.

Can I choose different shipping locations during checkout?

Yes, you can select a different address for each order. Although, please note that splitting up orders to different addresses is NOT COVERED with our free shipping service. Handling and shipping fees may be applicable.

If you need custom or expedited shipping options, contact [email protected] and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Do you save my delivery details?

Your delivery address details are stored in our system. You can view or modify them anytime by clicking on “My Account.”

How long will it take to get to me?

Depending on the complexity of the product and customizations our products typically take 1-5 working days for production and 4 – 6 days for shipping.

Product Production Time Transit Time (via EMS, Auspost)
Business Cards 2-3 Working Days 4-6 Days
Flyers 2-3 Working Days 4-6 Days
Folded Brochures 2-3 Working Days 4-6 Days
Posters 2-3 Working Days 4-6 Days
Presentation Folders 4-5 Working Days 4-6 Days
Letterhead 2-3 Working Days 4-6 Days
Envelopes 7-10 Working Days 4-6 Days
Booklets 5-6 Working Days 4-6 Days
Catalogs 5-10 Working Days 4-6 Days
Calendars 6-7 Working Days 4-6 Days
Temporary Tattoos 4-5 Working Days 4-6 Days
Invoice Books (1-Colour Printing) 4-6 Working Days 4-6 Days
Invoice Books (PMS/Spot Colour, and 2-Colour Printing) 5-6 Working Days 4-6 Days
Invoice Books (Full Colour) 5-6 Working Days 4-6 Days
Custom Finishing Processes
Die Cut 2-3 Working Days
Foil Stamp 2-3 Working Days


What happens in the event of damaged goods?

Contact us within 5 days of receiving the goods and provide digital photographs to show us proof of the damage. This will help us lodge a claim with the couriers. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may be able to reprint your work for free.

How is my printing Delivered?

We do offer free shipping on all orders, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF FedEx ODAs (Out-of-Delivery-Areas), which will incur minimal fees. Whenever possible we do ship for free, unless your Postal Code is under ODA.

Once your order ships, expect an email from us. We will send your order’s tracking number so that you are informed of your order’s location.

Should you require faster delivery, please contact [email protected] for an expedited shipping quotation.


IMPORTANT: Before sending files, please go through our checklist and templates below:


  •  Spell-check, and proofread everything.
  •  Set all your images, objects, and the document’s colour mode to CMYK.
  •  Check that the document size fits our listed specifications. NOTE: If you are unsure, please use our provided templates below.
  •  Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  •  Outline all fonts.
  •  If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings. NOTE: Please use our templates to ensure proper bleed settings.

File Naming

We have thousands of files streaming through our system every week! Help us make the process faster by naming your file correctly so we can easily keep track of your job.

For a flyer, this is the ideal format to use:

‘YourCompanyName – Flyer (F) – Date’

‘YourCompanyName – Flyer (B) – Date’

Type in your Company Name, followed by what the file is for, and (B) or (F) for Front or Back, and the date.

File Formats

We accept the following files:

  • PDF (Adobe Portable Document File)
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork)
  • PSD(Adobe Photoshop Artwork)

We prefer to use PDF files wherever possible. Any other file format will not be processed, and you will have to convert them into one of the above.

Colour Settings

Please set all your images, colours within documents, and document settings to CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black colour space).

If you require PMS Spot Colours, please use our custom order form. We can convert the files that are sent to us in Lab, RGB, HSB or anything else into CMYK; however, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE RESULTS.

Image Quality

Please set all your artwork and images to 300 dpi or more. If you have an original source, it also needs to be of an equivalent dpi to avoid getting low resolution results. Whenever possible, we recommend using source TIFF files without .jpeg compression.

Bleed and Trim

Please include the correct bleed settings in all your artwork.

If you are unsure, you can consult our file guidelines for the proper bleed setting, and your design software manual on how to setup bleeds.

  • If you were creating an A4 flyer, which is 210mm x 297mm, simply add 2mm on all sides in your document bleed settings.
  • This will make the final document size 216mm X 303mm. Remember to EXTEND ALL DESIGN ELEMENTS ON THE PAGE TO THE EDGE OF YOUR NEW BLEED BORDER.
  • The final product will be trimmed 2mm on each side, and your final product will be a 210mm a 297mm page. The ideal trim setups are included in our templates, so when in doubt, just use ours. Each product has it is own unique bleed amount, so it is vital to check these.

If you don’t follow our requirements above, we cannot give guarantees for your final product, and we will not accept any responsibility for the outcome.

What are the dimensions for each size?

Size Final Size Bleed Size
DL 99x210mm 101x212mm
Double DL 198x210mm 200x212mm
A6 105x144mm 107X146mm
A5 146x210mm 148x212mm
A4 210x297mm 212x299mm
A3 297x420mm 299x422mm
G3 297x630mm 299x632mm
Business Card 90x54mm 92x56mm



We fully guarantee our products from general defects, as long as what we received was correctly prepared according to our guidelines. Any complaints or questions must be sent to us within 5 working days of the goods being received.

While we do make efforts to review files and notify our customers of any problems before printing, it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to submit print-ready files. We will not be held responsible for improper bleed or trim setup, or unexpected colour shifts due to incorrect colour settings. To help our clients save money, many of our products are printed together with other jobs; because of this, we cannot guarantee absolute colour accuracy with our printing. Colour shift of a 10% margin is common with many of our products.

If you have any questions about how to prepare files, please explore the website and consult our online resources. You can also contact your designer to assist in file preparation. Should you require further assistance, we can assist with file setup for additional fees. Fees are determined on a case-to-case basis.


All of the products that you see on our website have corresponding free blank templates that you can use.

Our templates all have clear guidelines about bleed, borders, settings and margins. We’ve made these available for use in any project to make sure your print comes out perfectly every time.

They are available right here.

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