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Spot UV Business Cards Printing

Embossed Spot UV Available


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Spot UV Business Card Printing


  • Fine coated stocks with Matte cello/Matte Laminate
  • Laser print-friendly speciality stocks available
  • Premium Enhancement available – Embossed Spot UV
  • Free shipping and Free File Check
  • Get your Spot UV Business Cards in 2-3 days


Give your cards a distinct, luxe, and powerful makeover with textured and elegant Spot UV Business Cards. While plain business cards are effective as main touchpoints in meetings and networking events, these impressive cards will afford that extra character and bespoke flair to make you stand out from competition. We offer quality SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS at truly competitive prices.
NOTE: Spot UV can only be applied over a smooth Matte Laminate.
VISUAL EFFECT: The highly reflective Spot UV varnish and the non-shiny, light absorbing Matte background delivers maximum contrast and creates an apparent and striking aesthetic effect. Spot UV illuminates, giving a gleaming look to whatever art element you specify on your cards. Glossing over areas can be done on one or both sides of your card.
SPECIAL ARTWORK SETUP: Spot UV elements should be placed on a separate artboard in 100K/100% Black ink. If you do not have a designer on call, please contact us if you require assistance in setting this up for your order.


  • 300gsm Coated with Matte Laminate
  • 350gsm Coated with Matte Laminate
  • 400gsm Coated with Matte Laminate


*We do not offer this service with our textured stocks. Paper with raised patterns are not recommended for lamination and Spot UV since the final result will not look as smooth and crisp due to the paper’s uneven surface.


  • 90mm X 54mm
  • 90mm X 110mm folded

CUSTOM SIZES: Free of charge, but online orders must be smaller than 90mm x 54mm.
CUSTOM DIE CUTS: These are not available through our online system. For die cuts, rounded corners, and unusual sizes, please use our Custom Order Form.


The Spot UV effect’s appeal is in its subtlety and elegance. However if you are looking to do a more extravagant effect that will truly give that bespoke flair, consider doing Spot UV with Embossing. Not only will your select and important Spot UV areas gleam in the light, it will also be pronounced as the embossing will create a three-dimensional effect. The glossed over areas will have a raised detail and will be very apparent, adding a unique and premium visual and tactile character to your cards.
Spot UV Business Cards PrintingSpot UV Business Cards Printing


Classy and luxurious, Spot UV Business Cards are smart investments that transform your small business’ marketing business cards into impressive pieces of art that you can be proud to hand out. A bit more expensive that traditional business cards, this small embellishment is an investment that adds character and style to any existing business card design. Spot UV, especially if done with blind embossing, immediately transforms your card into a very bespoke, high-end marketing tool that is an easy classic touchpoint that enhances your brand image to your customers.
With so much competition, make your Spot UV enhancement stand out to make your brand’s proposition and character evident in its design and content:
UTILISE SPOT UV’S BESPOKE AESTHETIC VALUE: Spot UV is a specialty finish, a clear varish that is applied to specific areas of your card. To make sure the effect is eye-catching and interesting, plan your designs accordingly.

    • If you have a vision but can’t do it on your own, hire a professional designer with good references and make sure to direct him or her to keep the design simple and impactful.


    • Adding Spot UV (without embossing) adds charm in its subtlety and elegance. Keeping Spot UV contained in areas where there is print underneath will certainly make that print pop out—but why not consider going big! Try placing a pattern throughout the card with SPOT UV to achieve the effect of faux texture made possible by the contrast in light.


    • Darker coloured backgrounds enhance the Spot UV effect, and a high ratio of UV versus laminate will create the greatest impact in most layouts.


  • Instead of placing your logo on your cards, why not do a “blind” (no print, just Spot UV varnish) watermark of your logo on your cards? What this does is it creates a pattern that is invisible that only appears as the card catches light at different angles! Talk to your designer to experiment with more interesting effects.


YOUR BUSINESS CARDS’ SIZE AND SHAPE. Be aware that cards larger than 90mm x 54mm will not fit in standard card holders or binders, but don’t be scared to innovate with die cut designs.
DOUBLE CHECK LAYOUT AND CONTENT. Print your business card with a 1:1 scale on an inkjet printer before sending your artwork to Inkable. While your Inkjet printer will not render accurate colours, it will be much easier to spot errors in information and design on an actual physical sample than a computer screen. Taking just 10 minutes to print out your cards first could save you the time of ordering a reprint. In terms of importance, the design needs to have the basic elements:

  • Logo
  • Your name and designation
  • Place of business
  • Contact details (phone, email, social media accounts)
  • Separate artboard for Spot UV elements (designated areas should be in 100K or 100% Black)


SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR SPOT UV. Spot UV requires technical knowledge as setting up artwork is more complex that the standard artwork. It is recommended to have an experienced designer prepare the files for you. Our Prepress Team at Inkable can also help you set up your Spot UV artboard if you are printing your cards with us. Please contact us (CONTACT US LINK) if you require assistance in setting this up for your Spot UV business cards.

    • Spot UV is a liquid varnish that goes on top of your printed cards. As it is a coating and is not really a printed element, it is not as crisp and can’t go down in scale as much as CMYK prints.


    • Fine Text and Detail: Spot varnishing is another step in the production process, and with any elements (lines, text) thinner than 0.25pt it can be slightly offset with the printed elements.


    • Spot UV Text (Blind): Spot UV layers with text that do not have any CMYK print registered to it are called Blind Spot UV Text. Keep in mind that to be able to decipher the writing with only Spot UV, your audience would need to catch the light. Text content may not be readable or legible at all angles. While it may seem mysterious and stylish, never do this with important details such as contact numbers and website information.


Once you get your Spot UV business cards, make distribution more efficient:

      • Hand out cards to targeted people; and if you are amongst colleagues, hand out two at a time after a good discussion so people can recommend you easily to friends or business associates.


    • Attach a Spot UV business card to every sales kit you sell, especially if you are looking at chasing repeat sales from certain companies.

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First ever business cards printed out and I can't recommend you and your company enough. Very professional and have made the entire process easy!

Melissa Dudek, Paper Halo www.facebook.com/paperhaloinvitations March 9, 2015

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Great news! Our big box of orders came just now 3 days before I was expecting them! And Both Martin and I are very happy once again with the quality of print and care you have taken :)

Jamie Beloved martinabel.com June 9, 2015

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A big thank you to you and Inkable, the business cards are wonderful. They arrived last week.
Your service and care was impeccable. We will be using Inkable in the future when it is required.


Mardi Barnes www.scoopsocial.com.au January 9, 2015