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Inkable Spotlight: Aiani Tzanabetis


Customer Spotlight: AIANI TZANABETIS – Aiani Graphic Design


Meet AIANI TZANABETIS, a talented artist, joining us our Customer Spotlight this month!


We are honoured to have Melbourne-based Aiani Tzanabetis for our Customer Spotlight this month! She has her own design studio, AIANI GRAPHIC DESIGN, and is currently working freelance. She talks about her inspirations, working hard after getting her Bachelor’s Degree, and shares her challenges starting out with her small business.

Inkable Spotlight: Aiani Tzanabetis

  • What type of design do you specialise in?


Aiani Graphic Design services both digital print and web designs which includes: logo design, package design, social media

branding, Illustrations, Photo retouching, business cards, stationary and much more.



  • Could you quickly tell us about your design process?


The design process begins with a brief form. This is sent to the client to get a better understanding of what is needed. Questions like, “What is your target market audience” and “What do you want this project to achieve”.


Inkable Spotlight: Aiani Tzanabetis












































From there I take this information and provide you with a service I think would be best. Depending on the project will depend on the next stages. Aiani Graphic Design always keeps the clients involvement in the project with a constant update.




  • How does your workspace look like?


A small room, white desk, macbook, inspirations magazines, drawing pads, sketch pads, texture papers, dairy, printer, internet (of course), speakers {for music], organisation, neat, paints, paintbrushes, rubber, pens and pencils.


Inkable Spotlight: Aiani Tzanabetis




  • What are your favourite tools to use to create your unique designs?


My favourite tool is my Macbook. I can’t live without it. Industry standard software such as Adobe Creative Design CS6. The most common ones I use are Dropbox, communicate via Skype or by Email.


Inkable Spotlight: Aiani Tzanabetis



  • Being a designer and small business owner, what are the challenges for you at present?


Every designer goes through a mental block, and we always help each other. I call it “creativity.”



  • How has it been so far for Aiani Graphic Design after graduation?


Business has been very slow, I would like to bring out my creative skills to clients. I would love to start creating projects with clients.



  • What makes you different from other designers?


Easy going designer, ready to aim, to move beyond what you get from simple design by asking consumers what they need and

want. I love creating new things and seeing my ideas come to life!


• Fresh • Modern • Clean • Smart • Stylish • Colour • Think outside the box [create wise] • Open minded • Creative thinker



  • What inspires you and your style of drawing?


Illustrations, ideas, modern, creativity design. It is really important for me to keep some magazines and design books around for inspiration.



  • What hobbies do you do outside of design?


Fitness, Traveling, Fashion, Creativity, Graphic design trends [magazines], Colours, Paintings, Illustrations



  • What’s your favourite way to destress and unwind after a long day of work?


Having a nice relaxing cup of tea, looking at ideas or new trends, traveling books, and daily walks to clear the mind and soul.



  • Where else can we find you?


You can follow me on these two links:

Official website: http://aianidesign.com.au

Online shop: http://society6.com/aianitzanabetis




Thanks heaps for your time Aiani! As print advocates, we truly enjoy talking with designers and creatives who inspire us everyday.



Inkable Spotlight: Aiani Tzanabetis





My name is Aiani. I’m living in Melbourne and have completed my Bachelor of Graphic Design degree at University of Canberra (Holmesglen). Creation & Design have always been my favourite part of my life. I really would like to appreciate on my work and to give me comments on my artwork in order to keep me improving myself.


PDF of Aiani’s interview: The Spill – Aiani Graphic Design







We hope you enjoyed meeting Aiani, and please do check out her portfolio at her website.