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Quality professional business cards at very reasonable prices

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Business Card Printing


  • Unique stocks and finishing options
  • Free double-sided printing
  • Free shipping (except FedEx ODA)
  • Get your business cards in 6-8days.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. Get your name out with effective business cards that are handy in meetings, or when you’re out networking. We offer quality BUSINESS CARD PRINTING at truly competitive prices.


  • 300gsm (coated stock) with Matte, Gloss, Matte with Spot UV, or no Laminate
  • 350gsm (coated stock)
  • 350gsm Ivory (uncoated stock)
  • 300gsm Tan Speckled Cotton (uncoated stock)
  • 285gsm Nickel (uncoated stock)
  • 240gsm Line (uncoated stock)



  • 90mm X 54mm (1-sided or 2-sided)
  • 90mm X 110mm scored and folded (1-sided or 2-sided)


CUSTOM SIZES: No extra charge but online orders must be smaller than 90mm x 54mm. Larger custom sizes will incur an additional fee; please use our custom order form.

CUSTOM DIE CUTS / CUSTOM SHAPES: These are not available through our online system. For die cuts, rounded corners, and unusual sizes on your printed business cards, please use our custom order form.


IMPORTANT: Before sending files, please go through our checklist and templates below:


  • Spell-check, and proofread everything.
  • Set all your images, objects, and the document’s colour mode to CMYK.
  • Check that the document size fits our listed specifications. NOTE: If you are unsure, please use our provided templates.
  • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  • Outline all fonts.
  • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings. NOTE: Please use our templates to ensure proper bleed settings.



90 x 54mm
Business Card
Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD
90 x 54mm
Business Card
Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD
90 x 110mm SCORED
Business Card
Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD Business CardDOWNLOAD

Getting business cards is one of the smartest investments you can make. It’s an ace way—small, inexpensive—and an easy classic touchpoint that will get your contact details and to show your brand personality to customers.


Remember that your business card is the extension of your brand: yourself or the company that you’ve been building. It is not something that should only have your contact information. With so much competition, stand out and make your brand’s proposition and character evident in its design and content:



    • Say something about you: a tag line, a slogan, or a description.


    • Always include your web address on your card.


    • If you have a vision but can’t do it on your own, hire a professional designer with good references and make sure to direct him or her to keep the design simple and impactful.


    • While unique fonts are great, don’t give your customers a hard time. Pick something that is legible so your contact details can easily be read.


  • Make sure the design of the card follows the design of your branded marketing materials as closely as possible.


This includes the use of your official CMYK logo and brand fonts. Printing can sometimes make colours darker or lighter, so speak to your designer about this.


  • Be aware that cards larger than 90mm x 54mm will not fit in standard card holders or binders, but don’t be scared to innovate with die cut designs.


Plan your designs accordingly:


  • With commercial printed business cards, a colour shift of 10% is very common. This will be most apparent on business cards with solid color backgrounds.
  • Print your business card with a 1:1 scale on an inkjet printer before sending your artwork to Inkable.


While your Inkjet printer will not render accurate colours, it will be much easier to spot errors in information and design on an actual physical sample than a computer screen. Taking just 10 minutes to print out your cards first could save you the time of ordering a reprint. In terms of importance, the design needs to have the basic elements:


  1. Logo
  2. Your name and designation
  3. Contact details


Once you get your business cards, make distribution more efficient:


  • Hand out cards two at a time so people can recommend you easily to friends or business associates.
  • Attach a business card to every product you sell.
  • Scan the card and add it as an attachment to emails.

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PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!! Yay! I am sooo excited! You guys have done a fantastic job!!!

I have seen the DL flyers and business cards yesterday and just LOVE them! Thank you so much for all your help so far!!

Hello! Lots more printing to come too:) I am extremely happy with the service you provide!

Kate Box snapaction.com.au November 28, 2014

default image

Just received the "Green Equals Go" business cards and I am blown away about just how good they are!!! The best you've done for me yet!!! You guys are the best!!! I have another job for you again... heading over to the website to upload now...

Thank you again :)

Rebecca Grant becca@greenequalsgo.com.au September 3, 2015

default image

Yes our order of beautiful letterhead has been received and a lot have already been sent out in a marketing campaign along with our amazing business cards.

I am so glad to have found Inkable, the prices are very competitive however the quality and customer service does not lack.

Shane Thomson / Director Business Development & Customer Relations
November 28, 2014