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Booklet Printing


Fine full colour gloss Booklets with different binding options available.

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Booklet Printing


  • Quality offset and digital booklet printing
  • Multiple stocks and coating options to choose from
  • Binding options: Online pricing is for saddle stitched booklets for PUR and perfect bound options contact us for a custom quote
  • Free delivery (except FedEx ODA)
  • Get your Booklets in 8 – 14 days


Send the right message with handy booklets! While business cards only leave your contact details, booklets will supplement your pitch with more detailed information about your services and your brand, making this a perfect medium for introducing your business to potential customers. You’ll be able to create personable touchpoints and discuss what’s in front of you, answer questions and tackle concerns right away. We offer a variety of booklet printing options suitable for every business need.



  • 80gsm Gloss Full Colour
  • 100gsm Gloss Full Colour
  • 120gsm Gloss Full Colour
  • 150gsm Gloss Full Colour
  • For cover stock options please contact us for a custom quote



  • A4
  • A5

CUSTOM SIZES: These are not available through our online system. Please use our custom order form.


Booklets can be set up in 8-pager, 12-pager, 16-pager, 24-pager, 32-pager, 40-pager, 48-pager, 56-pager, 64-pager, 72-pager, 80-pager, 88-pager, and 96-pager documents.



Standard Quantities range from 100 – 100,000+
*We can provide hard proofs and color matching service at your request. Additional fees apply.


IMPORTANT: Before sending files, please go through our checklist and templates below:


  • Spell-check, and proofread everything.
  • Set all your images, objects, and the document’s colour mode to CMYK.
  • Check that the document size fits our listed specifications. NOTE: If you are unsure, please use our provided templates.
  • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  • Include all fonts, or outline all fonts.
  • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings. NOTE: Please use our templates to ensure proper bleed settings.



Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing

Getting booklets printed is a smart step to ensuring that your customers are able to get as much information as possible to make informed decisions. Booklets can be promotional documents or informative circulars which serve as comprehensive tools that your audience will certainly appreciate. Make sure your booklets correctly represent who you are and clearly relay what it is that you want to say:


Remember that your booklets are extensions of your brand: yourself or the company that you’ve been building. They are effective yet inexpensive printed materials that serve to enlighten and spark interest. Well-planned booklets will certainly be brought home and passed on to family and friends:


  • CREATE COMPREHENSIVE BUT CONCISE CONTENT. Since booklets are lengthier pieces, they need to be engaging so that your customer reads it from cover-to-cover. Make an outline of everything that you need to place in your booklet, and write a draft. Edit your content so that the most important details are included, and organize points for a natural and easy presentation that will make for an interesting read. If you can tell your brand story in 10 pages instead of 20, all the better.


  • USE CATALOGUES TO CAPTURE APPROPRIATE SEASONAL DEMANDS. A great opportunity that provides the right customer disposition to buy is the approaching special occasion that gives more reasons for your target market to consider your sales pitch. Choose the best season in which your particular product will be most useful and relevant, and then tie in inventory sales that will work harder for your than if you had offered them in a general catalogue.


  • INCLUDE A COMPELLING PICTURE. A photo can speak a great deal more than words. If your booklet can accommodate it, include pictures to help drive your message better.


  • PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COMPANY. Maximize booklets by encouraging feedback with your customers. Provide them with your contact numbers, office address, email address, website, or Social Media pages.


  • IF YOU HAVE A VISION BUT CAN’T DO IT ON YOUR OWN, GET A PROFESSIONAL TO DESIGN YOUR FLYERS. This way, you are sure that everything is sharp, properly prepared for printing, and will therefore get good results.



  • A catchy title that relates well
  • A good introduction that explains the purpose of the booklet
  • Sections of information about your business, service, or cause
  • Visuals to enhance content
  • A short ender that summarizes all the points in your booklet
  • A strong and actionable call-to-action


Apart from content, your design will determine how easy of a read it is, and if your audience hangs on to it. A great design enhances your message, and compels your audience to share your booklet with others. Improve your booklets with these great tips.

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Thank you so much for your professional service. We had a deadline to meet, and thanks to your staff , they done everything possible to help speed up the process so we receive our products. Definitely highly recommended & will be using Inkable again.

Branka Marjanovic Hi Tech Graphics January 6, 2017

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I received my books and they are great, thank you. Just perfect.. I will keep you in mind for any other printing jobs I find, thank you.

David Laundy / Dubbo Test and Tag October 16, 2015