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Flyer Printing

  • Flyer Printing
  • Flyer Printing

      • Quality offset printing
      • Multiple stocks to choose from
      • Free delivery (except FedEx ODA)
      • Get your flyers in 6-8 days.


    Spread the word about your event, product, or service with inexpensive flyers. In terms of promotional mileage, these investments will go a long way, pun intended! We offer a variety of flyer options suitable for every business need.



    • 150gsm Gloss stock
    • 150gsm Silk stock
    • 100gsm Gloss stock
    • 100gsm Matte uncoated stock



    • A4
    • A5
    • A6
    • DL
    • Double DL
    • CUSTOM SIZES AND SPECIAL STOCKS: These are not available through our online system. Please use our custom order form.


    IMPORTANT: Before sending files, please go through our checklist and templates below:


    • Spell-check, and proofread everything.
    • Set all your images, objects, and the document’s colour mode to CMYK.
    • Check that the document size fits our listed specifications. NOTE: If you are unsure, please use our provided templates.
    • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
    • Outline all fonts.
    • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings. NOTE: Please use our templates to ensure proper bleed settings.

  • Getting flyers printed is an economical marketing solution to create noise and hype for a launch party, sale, event, or grand opening. Flyers provide a tactile way for people to learn about your company as well as pass on the news to their peers. Forget technology for a second; flyers, especially if handed out by you or your team, create engagement touchpoints and remain just as relevant as ever. Get the best ROI from your flyers with these suggestions:


    Remember that your flyers are extensions of your brand: yourself or the company that you’ve been building. Like all marketing strategies, keep improving your flyer so each new version is better than the last. Not only will you learn a lot about your customer’s mindset, but you can also incorporate any new insights:


      • Always include a call to action on every flyer. A flyer that gets people excited is worthless if it does not provide instructions about what you want them to do next. Simple statements like, “Call us for more information,” or “Visit us for a free sample,” or “Like us on Facebook,” and “Follow us on Twitter,” will make all the difference.


      • If you have a vision but can’t do it on your own, get a professional to design your flyers. This way, you are sure that everything is sharp, properly prepared for printing, and will therefore get good results.


    The design needs to echo what it is that you are promoting. Don’t try to please everyone with your design and content! Not only will you increase conversions and improve ROI, but you’ll also be weeding out prospects that aren’t a good fit for your product. This will leave you with quality prospects that deserve the attention of your sales and marketing resources:


        • Think of your customers: use the language and references appropriate to that group


        • Use a design layout that matches your brand. If it is a fancy opening for an Italian restaurant, then your flyers need to have a classy and sophisticated look.


    In terms of importance, the design needs to have the basic elements:


          • Name of the event
          • Date and location
          • Contact details


    Distribute or post flyers in places that your customers are most likely to be found, and nowhere else. If you are targeting single moms, for example, the daycare centre, baby stores, and community boards are perfect avenues.

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Great news! Our big box of orders came just now 3 days before I was expecting them! And Both Martin and I are very happy once again with the quality of print and care you have taken 🙂

Jamie Beloved martinabel.com June 9, 2015

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We're so excited that we were able to have flyers to this quality printed on such a tight budget.

Carolyn Wass www.wassco.com.au November 28, 2014

default image

Thank you so much for always being so open and helpful. We are always spreading the word through to colleagues about how great your company is.

Jamie Beloved martinabel.com June 8, 2015