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Poster Printing

  • Poster Printing
  • Poster Printing
    • Quality offset poster  printing
    • Multiple stocks and coating options to choose from
    • Free delivery (except FedEx ODA)
    • Get your posters in 6-8 days


    Make a splash with posters! These promotional items aren’t handed out and are not even meant to be kept, but they’re handy for creating a buzz in a target area where you expect your customers to be at.


    Use them in a variety of locations, for announcements, events, promotions, alerts, and other news with a constant, on-the-street presence. Best for high-traffic areas, you can get your brand known in your chosen locale with impactful posters. We offer a variety of Poster options suitable for every business need.



    • 100gsm Gloss Full Colour
    • 150gsm Gloss Full Colour
    • 200gsm Gloss Full Colour
    • 100gsm Matte Full Colour
    • 147gsm Matte Full Colour
    • 150gsm Silk Full Colour



    • A2
    • A3

    CUSTOM SIZES: These are not available through our online system. Please use our custom order form.


    IMPORTANT: Before sending files, please go through our checklist and templates below:


    • Spell-check, and proofread everything.
    • Set all your images, objects, and the document’s colour mode to CMYK.
    • Check that the document size fits our listed specifications. NOTE: If you are unsure, please use our provided templates.
    • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
    • Outline all fonts.
    • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings. NOTE: Please use our templates to ensure proper bleed settings.




    Poster Printing
    Poster Printing
    Poster Printing
    Poster Printing
    Poster Printing
    Poster Printing

  • Getting posters printed is an easy and effective method to ensure that you grab the attention of your “walker-customers”. Ideally displayed in highly-populated public areas, it will be seen even from afar and will give people a snapshot of your company’s latest event or offer. Make them stop and stare with these tips:


    Remember that your posters are extensions of your brand: yourself or the company that you’ve been building. Big and bold, an effective poster must be well-designed and strategically-placed to stop people in their tracks. Create newsworthy buzz by designing a dynamic and novel poster.


      • Make a catchy poster title and supplement this with a short and sweet description. With this kind of promotional material, your customers will come to you. Make sure your poster title is creative and easy to remember, and provide a short descriptive sentence or phrase that conveys your main thought with immediacy, because most people who will pass by your poster are headed to a destination and will be in a hurry.


      • Stand out. While there may be people walking aimlessly who will stop and take their time to read your poster, always assume that your poster will be exposed to a fast-paced environment. Entice onlookers to read your poster by pairing your text with good visuals, and make your information clear and concise so that they will be able to grasp what it has to say.


      • Size text accordingly. You’ll want your poster to be seen from afar to maximize promotional mileage. Reel in people with a title or call-to-action with bigger text, and get them to go in for a second look with smaller text that will explain the details.


      • Include specific details, as well as contact information. Posters are tools that will funnel people to a certain place, at a certain date or timeframe. Whether it is a virtual gathering or an actual, full-blown event at the local gym, or even a limited-time offer, your customers must be given the opportunity to learn more about what your poster is promoting.


    • Your call-to-action may be an endcap, but it can also work as your poster title.You might be racking your brain for a poster title and overlooking the power of your call-to-action. “Actionable” words move people to take part in your event, subscribe to your service, respond to a limited-time offer, or join a cause. Short and strong, words such as “go”, “now”, “run”, “take”, or “grab” will surely get your customers amped up.


    Be smart and do research before you post! Look at demographics and psychographics in different locales where you plan to put up your posters. Posters may be public, but placing them in strategic locations will increase efficiency rates.


    Drive or walk around to check on your posters to make sure they have not been meddled with, and replace the ones that look worse for wear. You want posters to look as fresh as the day you had them printed.


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β€œCards arrived - they look GREAT. Love the stock. Cheers for all your help - you'll definitely be my first point of call for print jobs from now on.
Thanks for the quick delivery πŸ™‚ The client is over the moon!”

Matt Bachle www.gradecreative.com January 9, 2015

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β€œFirst ever business cards printed out and I can't recommend you and your company enough. Very professional and have made the entire process easy!”

Melissa Dudek, Paper Halo www.facebook.com/paperhaloinvitations March 9, 2015

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β€œInitially I was feeling tentative about using an overseas printer however your value for money and exceptional support and willingness to go the extra mile to get the job print ready put me at ease and I wouldn't hesitate using Inkable again.”

Kim Wiseman www.naturalaspiration.com November 28, 2014