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5 Fundamentals for Web Marketing: Make More Money With Your Website.

Energize your small business by starting with these five investments. 


Whether you are starting your small business, or have already grown to a comfortable size, it is always essential to review your marketing mix. You can succeed in this competitive web arena if you take charge and utilise all available resources to reach and engage your market. With patience and calculated steps you can boost your business.



Combine your on-ground strategy with web marketing and make your small business stand out with these tactics:

5 Fundamentals for Web Marketing: Make More Money With Your Website.

Website – Content , Design, Responsiveness.

Your website is your virtual storefront and is your main marketing tool. What your website says and how it presents your products, services, brand personality, and brand values are huge influencers in your target market’s buying decisions.






A strategically-planned design should work around how customers use and interact with your website. Is the text too small and hard to read? Can the audience quickly find what they are looking for? Are the important clickable links easy to distinguish from the body text?


Your design should enhance and not get in the way of the content on all your pages.


5 Fundamentals for Web Marketing: Make More Money With Your Website.

CUSTOM Legal Marketing’s landing page clearly says who they are speaking to and what they offer.







Does each page have a call-to-action? Do your product descriptions encourage your market to buy? Can they find all the up-to-date answers to FAQs?


Content that is concise, clear, and helpful will increase the probability of  leads turning into customers. But don’t bombard them with text—Invest in professional and interesting visual content as too much text can get tiring. These are also opportunities for social media, which is another powerful marketing tool (More on that in a bit).


5 Fundamentals for Web Marketing: Make More Money With Your Website.

House on the Krasina uses strong headlines and concise descriptions set on different images to sell their apartments, with text options for English-speaking or Russian-speaking target markets.







Don’t throw away all the effort of cleaning up your content and rendering good designs by not considering this.


It is vital especially now because people access and switch to various devices, browsers, and platforms. Responsiveness is web architecture—it ensures your audience always has an optimal viewing experience.  


Design and development should be built around, and respond to, your audience’s behavior and environment. Invest in the technology that shows your audience’s preferences are important to you.


Making your site responsive means you are sure all the content is shown on the page, and no important details are cut off. If your customer switches from their laptop to tablet, your site should automatically convert to accommodate for resolution, image and text sizes, and scripting abilities. 



5 Fundamentals for Web Marketing: Make More Money With Your Website.

The new responsive Soelden website provides the digital offers and services to their guests in an easy and uncomplicated manner for all types of equipment and screens.






If you cannot do it yourself, consider hiring a veritable agency or freelancer to accomplish your web development needs.


The first fundamental marketing tool is your small business’ home. Keep it up-to-date, engaging, and informative, and you will be sure to get faster conversions, smoother transactions, and happier customers!


This is just no. 1 of our Web Marketing Fundamentals. Stay tuned next week for more tips for your small business.


We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any more tips about this topic, go ahead and comment below!


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