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Creative Ways to Attract New Business ClientsIn case you’ve been going back and forth thinking about what to do to increase your business’ sales, you’re not alone. Finding a way to get new customers is such a challenging yet fundamentally important task of every businessman.

We have all come to a point (at least once or twice in our careers, especially at the beginning) when we needed to stop and think, and reflect on our decisions so far. Since you are reading this blog, it means you’re currently at that point.


This is why we give you creative tips that will help turn prospects into paying customers.










TIP #1  

Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


Customers enjoy things that aren’t usual or boring. Much about your business can be seen from your attitude and treatment of your customers and your business, generally. Even if you are the tinniest of companies, you can suggest size and importance with attitude and sophistication and this applies to your office space and your web design.


Make your page as a truly informative and educational space that will give your customers an insight into how serious you are about your enterprise. Also, don’t make it too serious. A light approach to things will keep your customers chained to your online space.


As for the office, a single employee can make a huge difference! For instance, if your administrative assistant/receptionist is a person oozing class and sophistication, if he/she is pleasant to the customers and servile to their needs, you’ll look huge in your clients’ eyes. First impressions count, but every other impression is important too! When a polite professional is your frontline ambassador you’ll appear as a serious firm worthy of their time and attention.

TIP #2 

Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


I don’t mean cheap in a traditional sense like having your prices so high rarely anyone can afford your product. I am talking about being open to giving away free stuff. The experience has shown that the bigger gift you give your customer, the return is bigger. This automatically leads to new business.


Clients will be happy to deal with a company that’s not cheap and that appreciates its customers enough to give them something nice and useful.


What you could also do is hold a contest for your customers. Assuming you’ve got a Facebook page and Twitter account (you do, don’t you?!), come up with a contest most suitable for your target group. Make a quiz about your business, for instance. The person who hits most true answers gets the best product from the collection, or a freebie. Make sure there’s a prize number 2 and 3.


TIP #3 

Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


Nothing convinces people to become your customers like giving them the respect of talking to them and introducing them to your product.


This is easily accomplished, really. You can meet people on both business and non-business related events and chat them up. If they come to your office, instruct your assistant to always schedule meetings with you for clients that are interested in having their questions answered about your product/services or else.


TIP #4 

Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


If you create a proper buzz about your business, it will eventually go viral. You can do this with companies that are actually paid to buzz about your product/company/service. They do this mostly through thoughtful campaign and networking.


If you don’t want to take this road, create the buzz yourself. Do this through great customer service primarily. If the customers are treated with patience, respect, servility and kindness there is no doubt everyone will know about it (and your company!). Don’t be one of those businesses that has a fine product yet their customer service is so bad that this eventually cripples their business.


TIP #5 

Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


Even though we live in the world of internet connections and online advertisements, traditional marketing strategies aren’t dead yet. In fact, no matter what you had previously thought, traditional marketing has never gone out of style. There is something stylish and luxurious about print marketing that just sticks with you.

You open up your favourite magazine and see an interesting advertisement on a rich, shiny paper and you just feel like buying whatever it is that you’ve just been offered! Or, you are having a cup of your morning coffee while flipping through the newspaper when an add catches you eye! Sure you’ll get intrigued! Naturally, print marketing branches out to a mass-marketing strategy and to a particular niche market. 

With mass-marketing, different classes of people are target while with niche market the primary audience are women, teens, fathers, lovers of a certain product, etc.

Favorite print ways of advertising are: magazines, newspaper, fliers, brochures and posters.

TIP #6 

Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


Many entrepreneurs shy away from bragging about their expertise, think it’ll look like they are, well, bragging. This may be one the biggest mistakes to make, ever.

Customers love an expert, regardless of his/her field of work. How would they otherwise trust you, if they see your qualifications; and on top of that experience wonderful service coming from your business. You’ll have happy customers, willing to spread the word about your business.


If you are a small firm, just building up, all goes to your advantage.

You can pick up projects that you’ll do pro bono which will speak of your competence for the job. It looks great on the resume and it makes customers comfortable.



Creative Ways to Attract New Business Clients


Damian Wolf is a business consultant and writer. He loves writing about variety of aspects of small businesses, creative marketing ideas, and rarely about self improvement. Damian currently works as part of creative team at Cubic Promote Brisbane, and really enjoys creating fresh and new ideas for business customers. When he’s out of office, he loves to play tennis and travels around with his family.