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How Learning About Printing Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

Remember all those brilliant ideas you’ve got in your computer? Those really cool designs you made with your name (or your business’ name) on it? Printing is supposed to make your life better, because it gets all the creativity from your head, and into the hands of your clients.


Now, we’re sure it has been a real hectic week…So, why should you read about something technical like printing stuff? Well, it’s the same reason why you’re so busy in the first place—it’s to ensure the success of your business.


The fact is: The more you learn about printing, the less time you spend getting it right, and the more dollars you save. Think of it as an investment.


Knowing how printing works will not only cut the cost it takes to prepare your file in half, saving you from the stress of having to squeeze in tight deadlines with revisions plus work hours of other bizzo abound, but it will also empower you to make smart printing decisions (or think up more creative suggestions!) so that you are more in control of your projects.


  • Helping you save time by guiding you through the Printing Process (the parts, the procedure, the print concepts)
  • Teaching you useful stuff to solve the most harrowing printing problems
  • Showing you awesome Inkable applications you can use to benefit your business and career
  • Getting cool links of events in Australia that can help you network your talent
  • Sharing insights and creative inspiration to help you be a bonzer designer
  • Giving you soundadvice about business
  • Dishing out on printing trends, Inkable news, new products, contests, and exclusive promotions (There were whispers yonder about free samples…)


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