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REAL TIPS FOR REALTORS SERIES: How to Secure Your Client Base With Inkable's 10-step Checklist.Inkable’s Real Tips For Realtors Series: Toolkit #1!


Where does your business come from?

Like any other job, it takes perseverance, hard work, and the right tools to convert contacts into clients. stay on top of everything with inkable’s 10-step checklist, toolkit #1 of our real tips for realtors series.



Provide bullet points on what your clients should do prior to placing their properties on the market. Build trust by providing detailed action points to get their homes in good condition so that it will command a premium price.



Present yourself as a primary resource for providing your clients with proper recommendations for the best possible authorized service providers for home warranty, escrow, property inspection, termite inspection and pest control status, among others.



Offer to register your clients’ properties in a trusted and efficient Multiple Listing Service database to make sure it gets the attention it needs to close the sale.

REAL TIPS FOR REALTORS SERIES: How to Secure Your Client Base With Inkable's 10-step Checklist.

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For all of your existing clients, make sure to expedite the sale by utilizing appropriate newspaper ads for new property listings. Talk to your colleagues and friends to get an idea about which generates the best buyer response in your particular locale.



Check your current resources as well as new internet trends that will help get your clients’ properties reach the right audience. Feature homes on multiple listing service websites, and on your own website, if able.


REAL TIPS FOR REALTORS SERIES: How to Secure Your Client Base With Inkable's 10-step Checklist.Who is your best customer base?

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With the RBA’s decision to cut rates this month to a record low of 2.5 %, Westpac Banking Corp. (WBC) dropping its rate by 28 basis points to 5.98 % (passing on more than the central bank’s 25 basis-point drop), and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and National Australia Bank Ltd. (NAB) following suit, more of your prospective clients are given ample breathing room on their mortgages. This means it is the best lucrative opportunity to grow your business and supply that demand. It will be easier to sell as well as procure. Target information about clients’ homes to areas where qualified buyers are most likely to reside, and mail any information about new listings to select neighbourhoods.



Solidify your value as a specialist at your job by making it a point to regularly email information on listings to segmented list of people in your marketplace. Whether buyers, repeat customers, or other agents, use your personal sphere of influence to multiply your efforts.



Strengthen your marketing strategy with consistent and well-organized Open House events to attract more prospective buyers. Buying a house is a big decision, and your prospects will need an attractive offer as well as an in-depth inspection before you can close the sale. Make it short and sweet with prepared concise notes using terms that they can understand, and always be ready to answer any questions that may arise.



Timing is everything. Help the house sell itself, even when you are not around, by adding a brochure box if allowed in your area. Your drive-by buyers will be able to instantly get the needed information, and if they are interested, will call for a showing.


REAL TIPS FOR REALTORS SERIES: How to Secure Your Client Base With Inkable's 10-step Checklist.Good client service helps you win against lazy competition.



Show your customers that they are your top priority by sending out regular emails or printed reports. Let them feel that they are in good hands by including information that will be useful to them, such as market conditions, feedback on showings, actions taken – actions needed, and your current plans for advertising and promotions.


While your job may be procuring leads and clients as well as gaining buyers, your product is essentially TRUST. Your clients could choose competition over you not because they are the best in Australia, but maybe because they are able to provide peace of mind. Make them feel secure and confident in you by setting actionable goals with measurable results and interpreting the market to help your clients make wise decisions. 


Remember to add in some really effective printed Leave Behinds and you’re sure to retain your client base. These are just some of the action points that we think are the essentials; if you’d like to contribute your tip, make sure to share it with us in the comments section.


Good luck, and here’s wishing you good bizzo and a fruitful career.


Ink Splat,