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How Do I Love Thee: How to Re-romance Your Small Business in 5 Simple Steps












The dream is now reality. You pulled off what people thought you couldn’t possibly do on your own—start and run your own small business! 




Re-kindle the fire by managing your expectations. If small details frustrate you, an unexpected event loses you customers, or your supplier is getting too difficult to deal with, take a deep breath and forget the details for a minute.


How Do I Love Thee: How to Re-romance Your Small Business in 5 Simple Steps


Try using stress to your advantage. Jan Bruce, CEO of meQ, says that our response to stress is actually more important than our ability to cope. You’ll find that you and your business will be better for it.




Remember that anyone who is successful has failed countless times. The fairy tale is real, but only if YOU keep it real. Remember why you wanted to run your small business in the first place and what it contributes to your life now. Focus on the new relationships and the good your business has done for your customers.

If you quit running your small business now, what would you rather do instead? Would it be as fulfilling, or as exciting as what you’ll be jumping ship for?


How Do I Love Thee: How to Re-romance Your Small Business in 5 Simple Steps


Instead of being terrified of failing, embrace it. Pushing yourself is worth it. If you aren’t convinced don’t take my word for it.




We get it. You’re the ruler of your own kingdom, and rightfully so. But reconsider that you might be too self-reliant to the point of hurting your business. Getting help is one of the best things you can do to revitalize your business.


How Do I Love Thee: How to Re-romance Your Small Business in 5 Simple Steps


While your passion and drive can nourish your young business, utilizing outside resources may be just the right move to make it steadfast in the future while helping you keep a happier work life. Know what, when, and how to outsource for small business success with this comprehensive guide. If you opt to hire a coach, that person should resonate with you, shares your values, and shares your vision.




Are you falling out of love with your business because you’ve lost sight of your goals?

Even with a tight schedule, find time to regroup regularly with your team (or set a time for yourself with pen and paper if that’s how you roll) to discuss developments and redefine your business objectives. No frills, no empty Hallmark-y words (and cut out the wordplay)—think about what your business stands for and if it is staying true to that mission.


How Do I Love Thee: How to Re-romance Your Small Business in 5 Simple Steps


Consciously commit to your values and get rid of false notions. Recognize what your strengths are and accept your limitations. It is only then that you can make an action plan that will lessen the differences between your current reality and the reality that you hope to create. You can do a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) Analysis and take off from there.




According to a Discover Small Business Watch survey, about 31 percent of entrepreneurs work at least 10 hours a day and 15 percent work every day of the week, with 59 percent of respondents defining a day off as being available for calls and emails, or working at least part of the day.

Managing a small business requires hard work, and if you are at an unsustainable work pace then you are bound to run out of steam. Keeping a tight ship doesn’t mean you can’t take a break now and then.

Give your inner 2-year old some play time. And make sure to plan your vacation wisely!


How Do I Love Thee: How to Re-romance Your Small Business in 5 Simple Steps


Plan your break at least a year in advance. Do the necessary endorsements, and ensure that a good SOP and workflow are in place. Once you allow yourself to take a much-needed sabbatical, you’ll come back refreshed, eager to get back to work, and more in love with your business. This means more creative ideas, a more resilient attitude, and better work and personal life.


Our best advice is not to let your dream die. If it is something that you’re good at, truly believe in, and have planned out for years, then you must stroke the fire to get it magnificently burning again.


How about you?

Any tips to recapture the passion you get from your small business?



Ink splat,