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Why Calendars Will Never Be Cool

Let’s face it.

Compared to art catalogues, concert posters, and the ever present vintage-y appeal of postcards, calendars are un-sexy.


Forgo design, and calendars can be generic and bland printed materials. Forgo planning, and they are mere iterations of numbers in boxes, in columns, in rows.




But wait. Calendars hold time, and time provides meaning in our lives. Take away the days and weeks and years, and we would lose the anchor that prevents us from moseying around…Sorry to go all serious on you all of a sudden, but we are here to prove a point.



FACT: Somebody is always bound to forget something, whether it be a small detail or a big appointment.

Why Calendars Will Never Be Cool

Hardworking calendars aren’t necessarily cool or great conversation starters, but they are reliable and essential. The Calendar Advertising Council and Promotional Products Association International says that 8 out of 10 of those surveyed have a printed calendar in their home. Despite the prevalence of digital schedulers, a lot of people still find wall or desk calendars as the simpler and quicker reference.


See herewith ye benefits, should you choose to get calendars for your business (Hey, this applies to personal promotions, too.)

Based on respondents who were reported to receive one advertising calendar,

  • 74% could remember the name of the company advertised
  • 72% remember product or serviced being advertised
  • 70% plan to do business with the company again
  • 41% have referred a friend to the company that gave the calendar
  • Only 6% of respondents said they would not keep a free business calendar



Why Calendars Will Never Be Cool



Yep, calendars put the “ca” in Can you say high recall statistics?!

In terms of long-term marketing, calendars are fair dinkum. Generally, people check their calendars a minimum of four times a day…


But even if your customer looks at it at least once a day, the cost per impression over 365 days is $0.0194 AUD per day (if using our calendars as the example).

As long as your calendar is professional, high quality, and easy to use, it will definitely leave a good impression when promoting your company for internal or external publicity, or when you decide to use it to feature your products and services.

Add value to your own portfolio by delivering it in a calendar format. Or maybe use calendars as a dual purpose photo album-scheduler gift for an upcoming family reunion or school event.



• If you are someone who is set on building a public profile, give calendars to your followers and make it easy for them to catch you at conferences or workshops by including your confirmed schedules for the next year.

• If you are working with a community organization, use your custom calendars to promote all the upcoming events in your area. Include nice blurbs or icons to give your calendar more character.

• If you decide on giving away calendars for a family or networking event, collect necessary information about each participant and record birthdays, important events, event nice anecdotes with good photos. They will appreciate this memento and will definitely keep it for the next year.

• Wall calendars are most popular as they can be placed anywhere, at eye level, for quick reference. Use the space available for notes: events, contact numbers, appointments, even medication schedules. 



So, yeah, calendars won’t be precious as letterpress invitations, or as cool as glossy posters…But the calendar is your modest, underrated and hardworking marketer whose value can trump that of the costly and peacocky billboard guy.


What do you think? How have calendars performed for you in the past?


Ink splat,


P.S. We do concede that it is always good to have something flamboyant for the more special events and occasions. But, really, if the person of interest is using your custom calendar, who is sustaining brand recall quietly in the shadows, 365 days a year?